What I Like About the Beginning of the Montessori School Year

September 11, 2015
NAMC montessori girl smiling at teacher beginning of the school year

You know you are in the right profession when you look forward to the start of your work year. There are so many things I anticipate each year. I enjoy reacquainting with our staffing team and re-establishing the strong connection we have; we share a passion for Montessori and for supporting the development of students who positively contribute to the world around them. Our first week back with just the staff is a wonderful opportunity to further develop strong bonds of friendship, communication, and collaboration in the classrooms and in the school as a whole. It is an exciting time, preparing for the students to arrive and anticipating our year together.

A Montessori Teacher Reflects on the Joy of the Beginning of the School Year

I also really look forward to the first day that students arrive. Our school has always started each year with a Welcome Celebration. This is a special time on their first day when the students and families come to the school, have a tour, meet the staff, reacquaint with old friends and meet new families. It is a wonderful opportunity to visit with our families and hear about their summer holidays and ease into the school year. This occasion sets the tone of comfort and joy for the start of our year together.

What I most enjoy is empowering my students and watching them feel a strong sense of ownership and involvement in their classroom right from the beginning of the school year. I love seeing the excitement on their faces as they become genuinely involved in discussing classroom expectations and routines and investigating new ideas for field trips outside of our school.

I feel truly fortunate each year to be able to make a meaningful difference and encourage the growth and development of my students.

In Montessori, we are preparing caring students who positively contribute to the world around them, who love learning, and who feel actively involved in their learning.

These students are our future and having a small part in their education and character development is an exciting privilege. Each year, I feel enthusiastic to come back to start such a meaningful and inspiring opportunity.
Julie — NAMC Graduate, Montessori Teacher
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