NAMC Enters Its 20th Year of Teacher Training - Let’s Celebrate Together!

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North American Montessori Center is excited to be entering our 20th year of providing Montessori teacher training via distance education. This amazing milestone is indeed cause for celebration! Everything that we have accomplished has been the direct result of the willingness of individuals to share their experience, expertise, and genuine support to further the reach and success of the Montessori method of education. This is a great opportunity to provide a retrospective of how NAMC has grown and what we are looking forward to in the future.

This is the first of a series of articles that are designed to include you in the NAMC celebration. At the heart of our existence is the philosophy of inclusion — our purpose has always been to bring the Montessori method of education to everyone who chooses to embrace it. Our sincere gratitude and thanks goes out to all the families, teachers, schools, and countless professionals from across the globe for their insight and service to help us in this effort. Your contributions continue to be invaluable.

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Most importantly, let’s celebrate all the young children who are fulfilling Dr. Montessori’s vision for a better world through quality education — an education for peace. Dr. Montessori worked tirelessly to extend her method of education around the world and to hold the doors open for its continuing evolution. How fortunate we are for her disciplined and visionary approach!

Yes, there is much to mark and celebrate. And there is even more to look forward to as we embark on new ways of connecting and communicating with learners from every corner of the globe. Our work is more exciting than ever!

Two of the upcoming 20th anniversary blog articles that we are looking forward to sharing with you provide a brief timeline of NAMC’s history over the past two decades. In putting this timeline together, we were reminded of the simplicity of our beginnings and how that remains unchanged, even as we have grown internationally. We were also reminded of how much fun the Montessori way of learning can be — how it is at the heart of our every endeavor and how effective it is in our daily lives as an organization and as a team of learners ourselves. We hope that these cumulative celebrations will prompt you to share your own happy memories or successes from your training with us.

NAMC Montessori Twenty Years teacher and child smiling

Our celebratory series will continue throughout our 20th year, and we look forward to your participation. Stay tuned for more about our ever-evolving programs, our valued relationships with our students, graduates, schools, families and friends, and our exciting prospects for future ventures. If you have photos of your own special Montessori teaching experiences as a result of taking our programs, we would love to receive and share them with our NAMC community.
— Dale Gausman, NAMC Program Director / Founder


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