NAMC Montessori Manuals: Twenty Years of Innovation and Distinction

January 29, 2016
teachers with NAMC montessori manuals

When founder and program director Dale Gausman began NAMC,  one of his goals was to make Montessori learning an inclusive experience that students could fit into their busy lives. From his own training and from running his local Montessori early childhood program, Dale knew how important well-written, complete Montessori manuals were to a teacher’s success. But he also understood that his students’ time was valuable, and he wanted to ensure that they were able to concentrate on learning the Montessori method rather than recording activities. Helping students find balance in their lives became the catalyst for the development of the comprehensive range of NAMC Montessori manuals.

NAMC infant toddler montessori manuals
NAMC’s Full Set of Infant/Toddler Montessori Manuals

What seemed like a bold decision to many at the time was a natural progression to Dale: He decided to provide his students with a full set of published manuals that centered on classic Montessori presentations, giving them the resources they needed to focus on their learning. This innovative idea was quickly welcomed by schools across Canada and the US. Soon enough, NAMC’s teacher training and Montessori manuals were being used around the world.

NAMC Early childhood montessori manuals
NAMC’s Full Set of Early Childhood Montessori Manuals

Thanks in large part to demand from our Montessori community, NAMC continued to develop Montessori manuals for other programs. Within a year of publishing the 3–6 NAMC Montessori manuals, schools and teachers were asking for training and Montessori manuals for the infant/toddler age range. Soon after, similar demand encouraged us to publish NAMC Montessori manuals for the lower elementary program, followed by the upper elementary program.

NAMC lower elementary montessori manuals
NAMC’s Full Set of Lower Elementary Montessori Manuals

Our guiding principle of constant improvement sets NAMC Montessori manuals apart.

We consistently strive to provide our community with the best resources possible. We place a high priority on listening to our students and implementing their suggestions. Like true Montessorians, we reflect on our previous work, consider what we have learned along the way, and determine how we can improve with each new publication.

namc upper elementary montessori manuals
NAMC’s Full Set of Upper Elementary Montessori Manuals

You can see this guiding principle in every aspect of our Montessori manuals. In keeping with the principles of the Montessori environment, NAMC manuals are attractive as well as functional. The feel of the paper, the numerous beautiful full-color images, and the clearly formatted pages all add to the appeal of working with the manuals. But the manuals’ greatest value lies in the content. NAMC Montessori manuals seamlessly couple authentic Montessori theory and practice with proven contemporary learning in a manner that is clearly written and easy to understand. The activities include step-by-step instructions and full material lists. Photos, charts, and diagrams guide you through topical information and activities. And although the manuals are packed with information, their welcoming tone and clear language makes them enjoyable to read.

Today, NAMC is the global leader in Montessori curriculum development and resources.

We offer close to 50 professionally developed, full-color, comprehensive Montessori manuals that are used in over 120 countries. NAMC Montessori manuals offer daily guidance to Montessori teachers, daycare providers, and homeschoolers. They are also essential resources for private schools, public schools, infant rooms, preschools, childcare consortiums, school districts, and colleges. From daycare centers in Texas to school directors in Botswana, NAMC Montessori manuals are valued around the world as lifelong learning resources.

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— NAMC Staff
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