NAMC's 20 Lessons from 20 Years: Keep Trying

February 18, 2016
NAMC MOntessori 20 years 20 lessons keep trying

Keep trying. To understand the value of this lesson, all we have to do is look to the children in our Montessori classrooms. That’s exactly what they do every day. Through trial and error, they learn incrementally – always moving forward and building their knowledge. And the lessons they learn best are not the ones that they learned easily; they are the lessons they had to work at repeatedly in a hands-on, experiential way. As is often the case, the children are our teachers in this instance, showing us that through perseverance we can achieve success.

As part of NAMC’s anniversary celebration, I have been asked to share 20 lessons that stand out in my experience of providing Montessori teacher training programs worldwide over the past 20 years. We are happy to share the next tip in our series that we are presenting over the next few weeks. I hope you find some of these ideas helpful in your own Montessori journey!
— Dale Gausman, NAMC Program Director / Founder
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