NAMC's 20 Lessons from 20 Years: Take Risks

February 04, 2016
NAMC Montessori 20 lessons 20 years Take Risks!

When I began NAMC 20 years ago, I had no way of knowing for sure whether my idea would be successful. I knew from my own experience that NAMC filled a need in Montessori training, but there was still a lot of uncertainty. Fortunately, I decided to take the risk. Taking risks can be intimidating but it is also exhilarating. It is only by taking chances that we can make discoveries or create new things. Think of the great philosophers, inventors, explorers. Think of Dr. Montessori, attending medical school, developing methodology and materials, working with children in San Lorenzo, and so much more. Each step involved risk. And it was because of her willingness to take such risks that we have the benefits of her achievements today.

As part of NAMC’s anniversary celebration, I have been asked to share 20 lessons that stand out in my experience of providing Montessori teacher training programs worldwide over the past 20 years. We are happy to share the next tip in our series that we are presenting over the next few weeks. I hope you find some of these ideas helpful in your own Montessori journey!
— Dale Gausman, NAMC Program Director / Founder
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