NAMC’s 20 Lessons from 20 Years: Be Grateful

April 28, 2016
namc montessori 20 lessons years be grateful

It is amazing to consider how much we can be grateful for when we think about the people around us and the experiences we share. If we try hard enough, we can even appreciate mistakes we’ve made, because they help us change and move forward. As a Montessorian, there are a number of things for which I am grateful. I am thankful for Dr. Montessori’s ground-breaking contributions to education. I also appreciate the staff at NAMC who make it their priority to support our schools, students, graduates, and homeschoolers. Most of all, I am grateful for the amazing and diverse Montessori community we have developed around the world.

As part of NAMC’s anniversary celebration, I have been asked to share 20 lessons that stand out in my experience of providing Montessori teacher training programs worldwide over the past 20 years. We are happy to share the next tip in our series that we are presenting over the next few weeks. I hope you find some of these ideas helpful in your own Montessori journey!
— Dale Gausman, NAMC Program Director / Founder
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