Montessori Peace Education: Singing Peace Around the World on World Peace Day

Preventing conflicts is the work of politics: establishing peace is the work of education.
—Maria Montessori
Education and Peace, p. 24.

Can you imagine if we all just came together and concentrated on that which we have in common, rather than on our differences? We would find peace. That’s the hope and message of the Sing Peace Around the World Campaign, held annually to coincide with the United Nation’s International Day of Peace (or World Peace Day).

Montessori Peace Education: Singing Peace Around the World on World Peace Day

On September 21, schools around the world, Montessori and non-Montessori alike, will gather at their assigned times to sing Shelley Murley’s song, “Light a Candle for Peace.” The song moves around the world throughout the day, starting with children singing in New Zealand and ending 24 hours later with the Hawaiian Islands.

When Murley began the project in 2009, approximately 80,000 children from over 35 countries participated. Last year, Sing Peace Around the World involved over 150,000 children from more than 65 countries. This year, they are hoping to have 250,000 children singing!

Read more about the project’s beginnings on our NAMC blog from 2011, Sing Peace Around the World - A Montessori Peace Day Project

Here’s how you and your school can participate:

After the event, you can continue to promote peace and the children’s involvement in this global project. On the website, view the World Map so your students can see and learn about all of the places on earth that participated in singing for peace. Just think of all the cultural lessons that can come from that! You can even send messages to other schools around the world, celebrating their peace movements.
In this time of uncertainty and unrest, of natural disasters and political upheaval, of violent protests and terrorist acts, it seems a small, almost inconsequential gesture to simply “sing for peace.” Yet, stop and imagine it. The image of children around the world, holding hands and singing for peace is nothing short of miraculous. Dr. Montessori put great faith in children. After all, she told us, “The child is both a hope and a promise for mankind.” (Education and Peace)

Won’t you come sing with us as we raise our voices in solidarity for peace around the world? Come back and report here about your experiences at your Montessori school... we would love to have your feedback!

— NAMC Staff


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