Montessori Activities at Home: Learn About Hippos!

montessori activities at home. Hippos.

Learn all about hippos on a virtual field trip! Did you know that a hippopotamus, at a short distance, can run over 30 km/h? It can easily outrun a human in a short race.

Hippo Activities

Learn more about these fascinating creatures with mom and baby hippos Funani and Amashle, and Jennifer, a hippo care specialist at the San Diego Zoo.
Join them on the San Diego Zoo Facebook page.


Get in the bath and swim like a baby hippo!


Create a paper plate hippopotamus.

Lower Elementary

Find the answers to hippo questions: How much do adult hippos generally weigh? What is the difference between how much an adult hippo weighs and you?

Upper Elementary

Conduct research on hippos and create a board or card game based on the facts you learned.

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— NAMC Staff


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