Montessori Activities at Home: Infant/Toddler to Upper Elementary Exploring Clouds

April 08, 2020
montessori activities at home. Exploring clouds.

Let’s explore clouds! Clouds are a great example of a topic that can be studied at any age – and helps keep us connected to nature!

Exploring Clouds


  • Watch clouds move.
  • Use your body to show how the clouds move.

montessori activities at home. Child looking at clouds through window.

Early Childhood

Lower Elementary

  • Discuss the different types of clouds and their function in the water cycle.
  • Invite children to use cotton balls and blue paper to create a poster that shows the different types of clouds. See NAMC’s Lower Elementary Physical Geography manual for details.
  • Write a haiku about clouds.

Upper Elementary

  • Encourage students to research the role clouds play in weather forecasting. Invite them to prepare and video their own three-day forecast.
  • Invite students to create their own set of cloud classification cards. See NAMC’s Upper Elementary Physical Geography manual for details about this and other activities about clouds.
  • Conduct a science experiment by making a cloud in a jar!

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— NAMC Staff
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