How Do Children Learn with the Golden Bead Material?

October 16, 2020
How Do Children Learn with the Golden Bead Material?

The Golden Bead Material is an iconic Montessori material that presents quantity and place value to children in a very concrete way. The material includes golden unit beads, 10-bars, 100-squares, and 1,000-cubes. The child first works with the Golden Bead Material to understand quantity, but she later uses the same material to explore the four operations. There is no better way to understand the process of addition than by laying out two large quantities of bead material and pushing them together to make one even larger quantity! 

The child works with the Golden Bead Material over and over again in the early childhood environment, and she continues to build her knowledge incrementally as she works with this familiar material in the elementary years, too. In Lower Elementary, she uses the Golden Bead Material to study abstract concepts like division with three-digit dividends and two-digit divisors and for understanding points, lines, planes, and solids in geometry, for example. In Upper Elementary, she uses it to create algebraic expressions and explore different bases. The Golden Bead Material epitomizes Montessori learning – it’s a beautiful material that children use in a concrete, hands-on way to understand increasingly abstract concepts. Amazing! 

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— NAMC Staff

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